Saturday, August 19, 2017

"Hippocratic Oath? Do no harm?" Bullshit, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune City, New Jersey!


Dear fans, friends, and readers,

I have very disturbing news about what happened to me last night. Witnesses, come forward, please. A judge will subpoena you, the way I see it now.

I thank Andy Griffith and Barney Fife, the two Neptune Township Police Department policemen wo drove me to the Jersey Shore University Hospital Medical Center where the entire Emergency Room (ER) staff, the medic, the doctor on call, the nurses, especially the one with the sharp, painful needles I didn't want, and all the rest there, except for two custodians, tortured, abused, and terrorized me last night!

Earlier in the night an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) couple threatened me when I was singing and clowning at Bonney Reid late night last night. When I told them about ABA Leaks "ABA is Sorcery" report, the stupid guy put his hand over his head making out like he was the devil. I told them to go away and they continued. I am reporting that as what I can argue is a hate crime with harassment and a threat of murder. Death number seven at ABA's extremely painful electric skin shocking hands was an unborn baby, according to the Massachusetts Disabled Persons' Protection Commission. A great Asbury Park Police Department Sergeant listened to my report and he's looking into it.

Then I went home and called the Neptune Township Police Department to report five rowdy thugs at the Windmill in Neptune.

Two Barney Fife cops found me as I was investigating the area. I am the victim! Against my will they took me to this fucking unsafe hospital!

The ER nurses demanded to put me in humiliating scrubs. I said, "He's not in scrubs."

Bitch says, "Policy. Different part of the hospital."

I said, "No scrubs."

Neptune cops told them I was wandering around with no shirt. Who cares. It was hot! I was investigating as the cops were looking for the rowdy thugs.

A gang of five black hospital security pigs attacked me as soon as I mentioned "Whistleblower Higgins." They pulled back my wrist, hurt me, bond me down on my back and strip me naked, full frontal nudity! Fully exposed as they were accosting me! Mother fuckers put me in scrubs.

Whistleblower Higgins has already exposed Rosa Pavilion for inspecting inside his asshole! Female nurses!

I demanded to see a lawyer. They said no!

They put me in an ER room, Shot me up three or four times with needles! The worse pig, Nurse Ratched, was from the hospital's "renowned trauma center! Sadists ER crew!

She had and the black boy MD had me in bondage four point restraints for six hours. Sweaty feet and palms. Water deprivation. Food deprivation. "Just relax," she says. Sleep deprivation. I cry for help. I pee in my pants. They let me sit in my own urine for a half hour! I'm 58. They put me in a hot room. I begged for water.

I called, "medic! Medic." I cried.

Nurses came in to me and said, "That's fake crying," and they went back to their station to laugh at me, the fat dogs.

I had heart palpitations. Sweaty feet! Chest pain. Young black MD boy did an incomplete shit heart exam. The it disappeared.

I twisted my neck to read read the sign about my rights out loud in English and Spanish. Nurse Ratchet comes in, the trauma nurse, turns off my lights and tapes paper over the rights. I had a right to a transfer. I demanded a transfer! They denied me a humane transfer!

And they laughed at me the entire time. The entire crew of ugly bitches hiding behind the computer screens at the ER desk in front of me all of them, the disgusting ugly black boy doctor, the witch nurses, and coward bully fat bald ugly medic!

"My back and neck hurt!" I cried. So they gave me another shot! Was that heroin based?

They brought out of the ER to a creepy eerie screening area with bad walls, no artwork and NO EXIT. They were preparing to commit me involuntary. Robber barons. For their own hospital profits!

I said, "I will sue you all!"

They called my asshole oldest brother without my permission. He thinks he is the Altier family God Almighty.

Then they called my local support team and then the mother fuckers said, "Oh. You're not crazy after all." You can go home.


Let's get them all fired. Sue the hell out of them. Lock them up in jail! False imprisonment! Elder abuse! Hate crimes!

My hand hurts. I have PTSD! This is Actionable harm.

Nurse Ratched pulled back at my fingers in bondage when four of them pinned me down for a shot. The abuses who captured me and stripped me naked pulled out at my bad shoulder socket left side.

Jersey Shore University Medical Fuck Ups.

Don't you dare ever do this to any more of your victims! You want to make me want to puke in your scrubs!


I remain, yours truly,

Safety Pat the Proud Schizophrenic Autistic Silly Whistleblower Clown

David Altier, M.A.
Special Education teacher
Volunteer Advocate, MOCEANS CIL
Master of Arts in Teaching, Seton Hall University
Georgetown University Hoya 1983 alumnus

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