Friday, July 22, 2016

Terri Du Bois, the next emancipated Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) survivor, speaks.


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


My friends, peers, colleagues, and allies,

She is free from Canton, Massachusetts' Applied Behavioral Analy$i$ (ABA) damaging, skin-shock, falsely-speaking and misleading profiteers and now she’s talking!

Next courageous ABA/JRC skin shock "torturers" whistleblowing survivor Terri Du Bois. Pic source Adams (2016)

Du Bois could join the ranks of JRC survivor-litigants, along with Andre McCollins (settled for an undisclosed amount) ...

Anyhow, here's the news. Investigative reporter Heather Adams (July 22, 2016) said in
Many disability advocates, former students, parents and former staff members have worked to stop the use of the electric shock devices for years — in some cases, even decades.... The FDA confirmed JRC is the only institution in the U.S. that still uses aversive electric therapy. The organization proposed a ban on these devices in April, and the comment period for that proposal ends Monday, July 25.... Terri Du Bois was 17 when she tried to commit suicide… The hospital spoke to her parents and recommended that she move from upstate New York to Massachusetts to attend JRC.... The hospital spoke to her parents and recommended that she move from upstate New York to Massachusetts to attend JRC.... After Du Bois' hospital stay, her parents told her about JRC, but she said they didn't give her a choice about going. The school, she said, was presented like college, which sounded like a good option anyway.... 'But when I got there,' she said, 'it was like military.'... (JRC’s) shock device known as a Graduated Electronic Decelerator, or GED, is the most notorious tool JRC uses, but aversive therapies covers a wide range of methods, including restraint boards.... The shock device known as a Graduated Electronic Decelerator, or GED, is the most notorious tool JRC uses, but aversive therapies covers a wide range of methods, including restraint boards…. In 2005, early on in her time at JRC, Du Bois was sitting in class and needed to re-situate her pants. Her natural reaction was to stand up and fix them.
Adams (2016) can tell the rest of Du Bois’ story as she uncovers it in her Massachusetts online newspaper.

Second ABA/JRC Director Mrs. Glenda Crookes

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear FBI bozos and fellow autistic Hoya (Georgetown) leader, Lydia Brown: Let's shape Autism $peak$ (A$$) with Skittles.


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


[Still-drafting, editorial note: July 14, 2016, 2:00 PM. This freaking bitter-sweet, action-packed multimedia, multi-sensory post is such a blast to blog, that I ain't nowhere near done yet by any means possible. I need a long break. We'll see you again with updates, same Looney Tunes bat channel, same Looney Tunes bat time.]

Dear FBI: The squirrels have eaten all your nuts and a proud, uni-person, schizophrenic clown is poking you with a dormant cattle prod to awaken all of you from all of your Alice in Wonderland, catnip, cat naps.

Double agent, Chaos vs. Control, Cat Stevens' top-secret spy outfit.

But I was shocked and profoundly disturbed by the revelation that at Autism Speaks' Walk Now for Autism in Washington DC, the city where I live, they chose to host and feature the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) as one of their exhibitors at a resource fair. Lydia Brown, November 13, 2013

Lydia Brown are adorably-tough, autistic, and proud, like you wouldn't believe!


Handsome, fast-developing, young professional, most-diplomatically-mutinous, skull and bones, rudderless, lost-at-sea, do-something-more-now, please, dudes (What are you waiting for?), pleasantly-dream-worthy, rod-full, Pirate Ship Captain, beautiful heart, nicely-true-Christian-novelist, autism-peer-advocate-extraordinaire, Jacob Persico, a founder of the breakaway-from-loudmouth, Captain-Pat-ABA-Leaks, Good-Ship-Lollypop, Santa-Maria, the one and only freshly investigative alternative, TPI Leaks, aka Troubled Person's Industry Leaks, of Persico and Company. In addition to none of all that hyper-serious blubbering about Persico as reported by the Schizo Payaso, as it turns out, indisputably the world's leading nutcase authority of the ethics of behavior science pissed her off one too many times, so Jakey-boy, and weird, weird Jay Rosenthal, spoke in super-sweet emails to JRC Director Crookes, so they went without me, the Dynamic Duo, Rosenthal and Persico, and I stayed home, still Tweeting about Rotenberg's #torture and about #CloseTheJRC. We've got much to sweet to the torture mistress Persico (2016) carefully concerned mostly all about saving lives at JRC in his Crookes' meetup report, whether or not his kissing her ass could harm his own up and coming, highly respected to Pat, almost always gentle lad, unless Pat shows up in Jersey to Rhode Island chat, agitates his sensitivities to such an extreme, that Jacob reports to and Pat that Pat had made him throw a rubber ball straight across his apartment during one more of our two dozen rotten egg bucking-heads-into-a-long-lasting-friendship during one of their hour-long telephone disputes. Jacob and Jay ear-witnessed the witches claim that what damaged her Andre Mcollins reddened skin was not her FDA unapproved shock devices, rather according to Crooked, his bruises only came from how she had him bound immobile, face down, to a four point restraint board while her obedient sheep, rather wolves, shocked him 31 times in one day for reputedly refusing to remove his coat when JRC, as it came out in civil trial. Glenda, my dear, as we also buck heads into friends, though way down the line, you emailed me the fact that you read my shit about you, so shoot ABA Leaks and TPI Leaks another email, please. You don't expect the world to believe that how you bruised Andre was acceptable simply because, as you incredulously seem to claim, that when you tore up his arm, that what YOU and Israel did to him was okay after all, because it was only your bondage equipment and not your frequently-alleged shock burns that did it? Furthermore, in your next email with Jacob, please explain to your international audience how your BCBA in charge of science at the FDA panel meeting, given all those burn complaints, could possibly claim that your super-charged jolts do not cause burns? That's what he said! And he's on record with the federal government stating such denial. You're due to explain this now. 


Anyhow, enough about those two multiple-personality-disordered actually-autistic Bozos....

... It's time for the big fat blabbermouth to talk about the big fat blabbermouth.


Here, now, for your very own eyes, ears, and bitter-sweet taste buds, my internet friends and my meta-professional, clown-ethicist colleagues, below in this post, you may have the most recent finding of our very own Bill's or Ted's, Juan's, Pat's, and Pam's most excellelently adventurous investigative team, ABA Leaks.

This is Applied-Behavior-Analysis' very-own, top-secret-information-exposing, international-group-of-roundabouts with respect to the pathetic, bogusly-scientific, pseudo-professional, and cult-wide ABA support of the JRC-fill-up-the-beds-multimmion-dollar-prison-system of extremely painful electric skin jolts and more ABA "concentration camps" to follow!

See, namely, the United Nations Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Méndez, 2013, p. 85.

ABA Leaks pinpoints the JRC's really, really weird behavior, which obviously includes the unconscionably inappropriate behavioral repertoire (1) of JRC founder Dr. Hurt, Matthew Israel, BF Skinner trainee, (2) of whining and complaining in actual email to Pat, "You-misrepresent us, Safety Pat,"  JRC Director Mrs. Glenda, The Good Witch, Crooked, and (3) of all of that dynamic duo's minions on (3a) the JRC Board of Directors as well as (3b-z) their blindly-obedient underling thugs, who, thanks to our work at ABA Leaks as we operate completely in cahoots with all the other highly-skilled, Close-the-JRC, informal-network-of-advocates, are all going to turn into nice, bubblicious, whistleblowing, we-all-spill-the-beans-sooner-or-later-because-that-was-Crooked's-last-staff-punishment-control-straw snitches, and (4) of the selfless, oh-for-the-love-of-Pete, cannot-fathom-why-torture-is-not-in-fact-nicer-than-medicine, informed-consent-to-shock-the-brains-out-of-them-because-they-hurt-themselves, no-common-sense-parental-cruel-and-unusual-punishment-signatories.

FBI: Take notice please because you do some extremely valuable work and we mean business, so please don your red clown noses and seek our input as you re-open the Justice Department's ABA/JRC files, please. Pretty please with sugar on the bottom so it falls off these sickenly sweet words to you, most excellent highly-professional, and obviously ridiculous, too, dudes and dudettes! We at ABA Leaks will be calling you on the shoe phone, so please, reopen your ABA/JRC case when we do, OK?


Unofficially official ABA Leaks logo. See the rank order of all unofficially official bird-brains in the captions which immediately fall below this caption.

Safety Pat took this selfie of Juan E. Méndez precisely while he was deciding what in tarnation would be the most diplomatic way to tell the world about the six-deaths-so-far, Applied-Behavior-Analysis(ABA)-in-total-equals-the-Canton-Massachusetts-near-Boston-Judge-Rotenberg-Center-(JRC)-of-immobilizing-ABA-bondage-with-extremely-painful-ABA-electric-skin-shock-ABA-electrodes-to-ABA-victim-buttocks-bogus-science-pseudo-professional-cult is nothing but a wild pack of mother-fucking, knife-threatening-in-order-to-elicit-JRC-inmate-aggression-in-order-the-aggression-out-of-them-ABA/JRC-Behavior_Rehearsal-Lessons, Robber-Baron-complete-coercive-ABA-cult-politician-manipulating-ABA-insurance-coverage-Orwellian-newspeak-dissemination-group-doublespeak-lobbying, pillaging, slaughtering, and who-knows-maybe-even-raping, free-range-ant-eating-beasts, the one and only Roman-Empire-sacking clan of Visigoths in his Report of the special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Report No. A/HRC/22/53/Add.4). United Nations: United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council. For documentary proof of ABA/JRC shock to the buttock, see straight from the donkey's ass itself in its very own fart words, Mrs. Glenda Crookes telling the FDA it puts electrodes on its poor ABA/JRC victim's rear ends. (Crookes, 2012, p. 2, par. 3, bottom of Pam Zich (2016) of ABA Leaks.) For "The Horrors of BRLs: Straight from the horse's mouth," see breakaway from ABA pirate ship capitan Persico (2011).   

Pam Zich, co-procreator of ABA Leaks with Safety Pat, Chief Pocahontas perched upon the Lenne Lenape, New Jersey, Pow-Wow-We-Smoke'-em-Peace-Pipe-with-Pale-Faced-Totem-Pole. How! Hola a todos! Nos incluyamos Aztecos mestizos de los Estados Unidos de Mexico, who were here before Cristobal Colon migrated illegally from Europe! Deport Trump and his Trumpees! Kick 'em out of New Mexico and return such USA Mexican states to Mexico! Y cayase sus bocas! Mexicans were here first?! Duh!
(1) Bill or Ted (Mo), (2) Juan (Larry), and (3) Pat (Curly) gawking at (4) Pam's irresistibly seductive calves! This is the total rank order, as it stands now, of the completely-active, ABA Leaks, posse comitatus of investigative journalist troublemakers.


Now hear this, Ladies and Gentle-Bops! Unplug the cotton from out of the doubled auditory organs and the tripled finger-insertion-holes which infinitely-flanking every last roundabout side of your circularly rock-hard beautifully-black bowling ball skulls!

It is time to give Autism $peakS (A$$) a well-deserved Skittle, because the big fat A$$ has officially heard the actually autistic blogosphere uproarious screaming, speaking, and social unrest in response to fellow Georgetown alums Lydia Brown @AutisticHoya! I am indeed their more seasoned peer advocate, their extremely well-respected, twice-famous advisor, if they should require me to teach them as the super-happy licensed performance artist, about this race-is-in-fact-a-genetic-myth-world that we actually share, so calm and content these years, in boisterous bliss, as I know life can be, with more time to know it than them, obviously, and we both taste fame, so this is good spirit and allowed, obviously, then I remain, fondly to you'all, always yours, the one and only, and there were more before us, the #AutiSchizoHoyaPayaso, el Changoleon Oaxaqueño paradox wey, siempre un pocito mentirisimo, mestiroso y la verded en una oracion real de paradox, mis amigos! No mames, Lydia!

In one, unique, single, solitary bop upon the unitary collective noggin of Auti$m$ $peak (A$$), Lydia Brown has indeed earned themself a very-effective, monkey-wrenches clout(s)!

Lydia Browns

For, in fact, Auti$m $peak$, as of the publication date of this post, has officially and specifically excluded the Judge Rotenberg Center from its hefty-bag Massachusetts Applied Behavior Analy$i$ resource directory file. So the baby brat A$$ has, in all probability, listened to you speaking and acted in kind. Fabulous job, you did charging out of the gates in DC when you uncovered the previous highly-irregular big-A$$ endorsement of JRC tortures. You made them improve, and they're due for some praise, as we all need a pat on the shoulder, from time to time, for good work, as so do they now! (See A$$ (2016), ABA, Mass. B-P list vacant of JRC.)

Make it so, gang!

Case remains open until we #CloseTheJRC.


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