Friday, June 9, 2017

ABA Leaks likes DIR/Floortime, but the ABA/DIR hybrid, Pivotal Response Training, disgusts us. The greedy Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) industry must leave autistics and others alone.

[June 15, 2017 edit note: I saw the Twitter account of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who claims she does DIR/Floortime. ABA infiltrates everything, including theories which stand in opposition to the typical ABA coercive manner. For example, I have also seen them forcing their way into Montessori schools. They are based on the pragmatic philosophy of USA philosopher John Dewey. He wrote extensively about democracy in education, while ABA is strictly coercive. But parents can screen theses services and make sure ABA is out of the picture. Dave Altieri]

 ABA Leaks tentatively likes DIR/Floortime because the child leads the interactions, supposedly. We'll follow them again and report back. However, Anderson (July 13, 2012) favors a hybrid of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and DIR, Pivotal Response Training (PRT), but it badly disappoints ABA Leaks.

Watch the video in Anderson (2012). The trainer claims her nine-month-old infant is leading, yet note the ABA style manipulation and typical misjudgment of autism. Bologna! She is manipulating into obedience and submission to her asinine demands, in ABA stealth mode, forced eye contact again.

They do not hear us actually autistic advocates speaking. ABA's Social Darwinism gets subtler and subtler. Survival of the fittest. Wipe autistics off the planet one behavior at a time. It fails at it, too! We are CounterControllers. ABA would silence us, too, if it could. They block us all out of their Facebook groups. The old guard ABA orthodoxy fears we're reaching the rank and file ABAers and causing them internal dissent and abandonment of the pseudo-profession. It tries to ignore us and censor the speech of survivors of ABA. It fails!

Look at Emily who left stood tall and courageous and left ABA. Look at Hunsacker, behavioral neurologist, who read this blog and decided not to become one of them. Look at our ABA Leaks page. Follow other CounterControllers outside of ABA Leaks, such as StargazerDawson, Sequenzia, Brown, Ne'eman, Shaber. We move in force to bankrupt ABA. As more of the sickening ABA Truth gets out to the public and the courts, we shall overcome!

The Controllers claim old ABA was bad; new, good. As they retreat into defensive mode against our harsh criticism of their cruel methods, PRT still manipulates babies and toddlers into eye contact. It is overly-subtle coercion as it catches the baby looking in an eye and reinforces with, no doubt, ABA's ready-made, canned, phony, stone-cold, loud to our autistic ears, praises, as it shoves a morsel of food into our mouths, with each time we display "obedience," pairing the ABAer with food, when we're underfed, since food does not reinforce when we're full. The reason why s/he'll pair herself with the food she lets us eat is because she wants us to like her in the beginning of her intrusive interventions, only so that she can modify us later, and for no other reason, according to her own "data" collection logic.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have said so many times. We do not want to stare directly into your eyeballs! Get over it! Normal is dull! Who cares if we look at the sky instead of your normal big bright blue eyeballs! Leave us alone, ABA. ABA is abuse. It always was. It always will be. Period. ABA repulses us again. It's PRT eyes are gross! Pathetic self-serving, gargoyle greedy profiteers they are, all the of them!

ABA would guilt and shame our autism away if it could. It pulled their empathy-disabled stunts as it tried to do away with gays one response at a time also. It is behind the skin shock torture in Chechnya pogroms concentration camps. Altieri (April 17, 2017). It all started with Russian Pavlov as he cut holes into their poor dog cheeks to collect their saliva and make them drool to a metronome. The Chechnya shaming of gays, as ABA shames everyone it "treats," is blatant, non-subtle ABA. They don't pretend to be nice like your typical ABA liberal hypocrite does. PRT is simply underhanded, non obvious, in their way of manipulation and control.

We love ourselves not in spite of autism. Autism is beautiful! We love ourselves because we are beautiful. With apologies to the deaf, blind, slow learner community. Please tell us how to say this better.

ABA is full of deaf, dumb, and blind Emotional IQ (EIQ) morons. I've seen Down's Syndrome friends excel as geniuses compared to ABA. After all, they lead the Stop the R Word campaign (retarded).

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